Party Add-Ons Available
For the Adult Guests
Selection of Food Trays Offered:

$40.00 per tray
(Feeds approx. 10 guests)

Tea Sandwich Variety
 (Chicken Salad, Pimento cheese,
Cucumber and cream cheese)
Spirals Platter
 (Ham, Turkey, Cream Cheese and Salsa rolled in Flower Tortillas and sliced into Spirals)
$30.00 per tray
(feeds approx. 10 guests)
Snack Trays
Cheese and Crackers
Fruit Tray
Dessert Tray

$20 per tray
(feeds approx. 5-7 guests)
Drink Selection
(Complimentary ice water for adult party guests)
Hot Tea $1.75 (unlimited)
Cold Tea, Lemonade: $5.00 for a 2 Quart 
Bottled Water and Soda's Available upon prior request:  $1.00 each

Dessert Selection
Themed Royalty Cupcakes:
$2.99 ea.
(Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla)
Custom Cakes (Prices Vary)

Themed Petit Fours: $1.50 ea.

Small Dessert Tray: $20
(A mix of favorites such as, Lemon bites, Brownies, etc)