Girl Scouts
What a fun way to earn your Girl Scout Badges!
Our Specialty Girl Scout Tea Parties will focus around the objective to be learned. 
DAISIES (Ages 5-6yrs) Petal
 "Respect Myself & Others" (purple) ~ Discuss good manners and proper etiquette before and during the tea party
"Courageous and Strong" (red) ~ It takes courage to participate in a fashion show (during tea party)
BROWNIES (Ages 6-8) Try-It
"Manners" Try-It #4 ~ Practice table manners at a tea party 
"Let's Pretend" #7 ~ Participate in our fashion show (during tea party)


JUNIORS (ages 8-11) Badge

"Healthy Relationships" #3 ~ Discuss relationships with friends and family during tea time
"Stress Less" #10 ~ Practice breathing techniques during spa time (Spa Party Available)
 Girl Scout Workshops Include:
1 Hour Tea Party
(tea sandwich, fruit kabob, tea cookie, petit four)
Party Set Up
 Table Setting
China Tea Set
Fashion Show and Parade
Activities to earn:
 Petal, Try-it, or Badge


$21.95 per girl up to 20 Girls


(8 Girl Minimum)
If less than 8 girls attend, minimum price of $175 will be charged.
A $50.00 deposit is required to boo
k your party and hold the date.