Q.How do I prepare for my Tea Party?
A.We provide costumes and tea dresses.  If your little one is sensitive to fabrics, we recommend wearing a leotard, tee, or leggings under their dress.  We do not provide shoes so we recommend wearing your party shoes or bringing a change of shoes.  Please note that we have wood floors so plastic dress-up shoes are discouraged because they can be very slippery.
Q.Can boys come to the Tea Party?
A.Yes, of course! We have costumes for the boys, and  party favors! When the girls do make up, the boys put on cool tattoos!
Q.What is the difference between the Princess Tea and the Classic Tea?
A. The Princess Tea is more modern with dresses similar to Belle or Cinderella. The Classic is more vintage and eclectic. Most younger girls prefer the Princess. 8 and up usually like a more "mature" tea.
Q. If I don't want certain things for my party (invitations, cupcakes, etc.) can I get a reduced rate?
A. Sorry. The price is for the total party and we will not adjust it.
Q. Can I bring in my own cake?
A. We will allow an outside cake to come in. However, please keep in mind when spending the money, plenty of sugar is served and it most likely will not be eaten.
Q. When do you schedule the birthdays?
A. Saturday hours (10:00,12:00,2:00,4:00) Sundays (12:00,2:00) Weekdays (flexible)
Q. Can we bring in our own balloons and goodie bags?
A. Sure, but keep in mind that a tiara, wand and ring are included for all guests.
Q. What age do the tea and birthday parties start at? And, what is the oldest?
A. 2 years of age is appropriate for the birthday parties. For tea parties, we have had as young as 1 year.
You are however, never too old to have a tea party!  Adults are also welcome to have a tea party, Bridal Shower, Bachalorette Party, or Baby Shower.
Q. Can parents stay?
A. Please do! You will find the tea party to be very entertaining! And, you can Add-On a food tray for the Parent guests if you like.
Q. Didn't you used to be across the street?
A. Yes, we have been at our new location since Feb 08 2009.
Q. My child is allergic to peanuts, dairy and eggs. What do I do?
A. Please let the staff know ahead of time so we can make adjustments. If your child has a severe allergy, we recommend bringing her very own food. We NO LONGER serve Peanut Butter in our facility!!
Q. How much tip should I leave?
A.Most people leave 15-20%. It all depends on how pleased you were with your hostess.